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Original Song

Not My Drama
Song by Maria GoJa
Music production by Maria GoJa
Music video written, directed and filmed by Shredy Jabarin

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What I do

I direct and help you plan and create an artistic vision, starting from the early stages of mindset preparation, through working on your performance, setting the relevant goals for your media production: image video, music video, online content… I direct the content, help inspire people, sell the product and achieve success. All in one place, from A to Z.

You can have all in one or choose the part that is relevant to your needs.

Artistic Direction

Not to be confused with “Art director”.

Artistic direction is the executive and organisational leadership of an Artistic organism and process. It is generally used in theater organisations, but not only. Any artistic journey needs a director in order to achieve success. An artistic director must have years of professional experience in a variety of technical skills, expertise and professional knowledge, not only as a “coach/teacher”, but most importantly as an actor. performer, filmmaker… who applied the knowledge with action and actual achievements.

I offer this option not only for organisations, but also for creative individuals who would like to create their projects or artistic career independently.

It is a useful service, especially for those who either don’t know where to start and those who tried hard in the past, but couldn’t make it.

The mindset work is the place where we start from the emotional and psychological preparation, we move to performance work and from there to create the content, market it and sell it to an audience. You can be a musician, a songwriter and someone who has a skill, but doesn’t know how to convert it into an income and make a living out of it.

Success is a long way of intelligent work that must be based on accurate knowledge. Only after accessing the knowledge, will the action require discipline and consistency. Without knowledge the action does not achieve the goal, regardless of how consistent the action is.

So, growth cannot be based on general concepts or on a sense of “intuition”. That might create only an illusion of temporary success, but for the long run it will be self destructive. What I offer is the path of vital knowledge, truth, action and achievement. And taking this path needs a combination of many fields:

Performance – acting, presentation, performing and posing in front of camera and on stage…

Personality and the character of the artist – image, authenticity…

Artistic guidance – strategy, planning, seeing the big picture…

Media Production – writing, directing, professional photography, filmmaking, sound, lighting…

Each one of the above is a science on its own and to achieve success, it is important to understand that because it’s artistic work, it doesn’t mean it can be arbitrary and intuitive. That’s a cliché that can be told in films and in PR stories, not in real life. So, one needs to go through coaching processes of performance and personality, we need to produce the relevant content and find the most effective and budget friendly way to spread the message.

This journey is available to those who would like to walk their path of passion into achievement and fulfilment, from A to Z, especially for those who would like to make it without being dependent on external entities – governmental funds, sponsorships…

Many feel that all they need is one photography session, one social media work or one (viral) video… in order to create their journey. Sometimes they do it just because they have seen someone else doing it. But they cannot see the link between this and the big picture and how to continue from there.

So one would be investing time and efforts without actual success. After repeating this again and again, one might lose hope and belief that the magic can actually happen.

The ability to see the big picture and to connect all the pieces into one complete unit is a rare skill and a science that I have studied and successfully worked with for more than 20 years. In addition to building my artist career, I have succeeded in helping others achieve their goals and transform their lives, not only through (verbal) guidance and inspiration, but also by execution, action and actual achievement.

Get the Mindset ready!

Before talking about the production or the performance, we need to be ready for it and for the challenges it brings, emotional, mentally, intellectually, financially, socially…

There are plenty of issues that we need to consider before we start talking about performance and production. This is getting the mindset ready. The amount of sessions depends on the capabilities and the mental capacity of the client. After that we can talk about performance.

This kind of coaching can be used as a one time consultation or as a process that aims to achieve goals. We are going to use method acting and the knowledge of Psychodrama, but we focus more on achievement, than on words.

Action is measured by the quality of the performance and achievement. But to beginners who can not judge the quality of the performance, achievement is the indication. Not talking about it or writing about it, but watching the final product and its feedback

I approach artistic work from two points of view – the method – systemic/technical on one hand, and the psychodrama on the other.

Psychodrama offers a unique window onto human behaviour. The good news is that it does not consider only theory, intellectual observation and verbal analysis, but also action, emotional transformation, character design and transformation of the character and the relationships. We all are performers. Whether we perform on stage, off stage and in daily life. 

The method offers us success. This kind of approach requires genuine and uncompromising expertise, vision, direction, knowledge, creativity and skill. Everyone can talk, but only an expert can achieve a measurable outcome. Achievement is the indication.

Some might be repeating the same actions or following the same misleading guidance, without realising that this is part of the problem.

Some might feel that all they need is one piece of the puzzle in order to complete the picture, but do not see or know about the many other pieces that are also crucial. So, one would be unconsciously gambling, wishfully thinking and expecting success, without seeing desired outcome. Therefore one gets disappointed, again and again, until one loses hope. This can actually change, when following professional guidance.

Although the pieces of the puzzle might look separated, at the end, they must connect into one big picture, in order to achieve the desired outcome and create that sense of completion and realisation.

The ability to see the big picture and connect all the pieces into one complete unit is a rare skill and a science that I studied and successfully applied by action and achievement for almost two decades.

In addition to building my artist career, I have succeeded in helping others build theirs and achieve their goals, not only with verbal guidance, but also with execution, action and achievement.

Even if you tried many things in the past, yet have not found what you are looking for, or if you have found yourself too confused by too many (conflicting) sources of inspiration, I invite you to give me a chance and I’ll be glad to help you connect the dots, find the way and achieve the goal.

Acting & Performance

Standing on stage requires many factors in addition to public speaking skills and charisma. The presentation might actually be the only thing that the audience sees from the process, because the process starts long before. And the overlooked factors are actually dominant causes behind the efficiency of the performance.

This skill is growing continuously, but in order to allow this growth to happen without blockages and misconceptions, we also need to include and work on one or some of the following:

  • Writing, directing and staging the presentation
  • Preparation on set before the performance (in case it’s on stage or online live)
  • Filming (in case it is on video)
  • Reaching out (In case the audience is still not defined)
  • The work might be short term oriented or long term.
Media Production

As a business or an artist in the age of media and information, it is essential to communicate your story visually and emotionally to connect with your audience. This requires the ability to create content, to write and direct the process.

Whether you are a business that wants to tell its story and to reach out to a wide public or an artist who seeks to channel one’s vision and inspiration, the artistic direction journey might need to create media content that serves the goals of the direction. Writing and directing can dictate the final result, whether it is a film, video, music video… Here you can find a high quality product that respects your budget.

Work flow

Some work allows us to meet online and some is conditioned with meeting physically. However, workflow is a topic that requires customisation, because every case has its own conditions and every client has his/her own abilities, budgets, personality… Just contact me and we will find the most relevant plan to your needs.


I have studied the art of performance, acting, storytelling and psychodrama in the faculty of art – the theatre and cinema Departments at Tel-Aviv University, 2001-2004. Worked as an actor and a performer in theatres and in films. Later wrote and directed theatre, video productions and taught acting and performance.

Today I direct art projects, write and direct music videos, media production and online content. I also guide aspiring artists to navigate their way in this complicated industry.


Artistic direction journey from A to Z. From the right mindset until achieving success. Walk the journey sovereignly, create your art successfully, deliver your message honestly!


Mental and emotional preparation comes first.


The big picture and the pieces are to be visualised.


Before building, we master the performance.


Each project/production has its own characteristics and complexity.


We’ve talked and planned enough. Now it’s time to move.


Inspired audience is the indication of a successful production.



Media Production, films and music videos written, directed and filmed by Shredy Jabarin.


Here I share my thoughts about our world, the art scene and the business industry. For more, stay tuned!

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