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What we can learn from our history 7 June 2019

No, this article is not about geopolitical history. It’s not about Trump, rise of Neo-Nazism and national populism. It’s not about decline of the west, decay of the middle east or growth of China, but we as individuals can definitely get inspired by all that. for our personal growth. When we look at the actual political and financial states of our societies, we often say:

Don’t they get it? Don’t they learn history at schools? Are they craving wars so much, willing to bring the whole world back into self destruction? Are radicals of Europe using democracy again to take over, while the world is giving them a second chance to do that?” Didn’t we learn anything from history books?…


But as I said, this article is not about, politics… It’s about you and me as individuals. Since One is the only one that One can control, so for One the journey is personal. When I’m not hijacked by conceptual identifications, National, religious… I’d be able to focus on my true self and its journey, my journey, my personal journey, that is a part but also a whole.

Yes, this article is about One’s personal history. Am I repeating history that leads to pain? Or have I grown conscious, so I can make free choices that take  me out of that painful course?

We know the historical pattern of birth, emergence, growth, wealth, decadence, decay and death/rebirth. All civilisations went through that journey. All of them. No exception.

Now as an individual, where are you now on that pattern? Do you like it?

  • If yes, what can I do in order to change history by skipping decay?
  • if no, what can I learn from my previous decay for my rebirth.

Most of us can’t conceive what is outside their habits. That’s what makes it impossible for most people to genuinely change. However, detecting the status quo and changing it is the place to start from.

The journey is personal. Those who choose to lead themselves into decay have the full right to do so. However, One still has the choice to grow! get wealthy, financially, emotionally, socially and use the physical experiment for transcendence.


Good luck!