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Walls of Acre    Music Video    2018


Music, Vocals and Instruments

by Maria GoJa


Lyrics, Vocals and Music Video

by Shredy Jabarin


Acre or Akko or Akka is a city famous of its strong wall. The song tells the story of a complex reality seen from my point of view upon history, religions and the human experience. I hope you like the song.


Walls of Acre

Lyrics by Shredy Jabarin


How sweet the sleepy robes were

torn up out of Europe's breast

in a middle eastern autumn night.


I wanted to sing about the walls of Acre

about the market, the carpet of Aljazar Mosque

about Ramadan, the night and the sight.


But I sing about babies armed with

plastic guns, knives and grenades

that in time grow into metal.


Between the pauses of Om Kultum

in the shisha cafe next to Abu George

I can still hear the voice

of Napoleon bombing the wall

while others start to rob the mall.


I want to answer the call

but I can't.