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The Noble Spirit - Traits and Challenges 19 June 2019

When I speak about the noble spirit and nobility here, I don’t mean an inherited financial or social status, but traits of character and a code of conduct.

In an age that encourages opportunism, this code became rare. Some were born into those traits, some acquired them through will and action. Though those traits are the cause behind transcendence and growing spiritual forces, they can also be a cause of loneliness, when surrounded by an opportunistic and predatory environment, that might make the Noble targeted and subjected to abuse, because of that spiritual wealth. When we have a treasure. It’s normal that parasitic entities would want to access it.

Here are nine traits of that treasure and some tools that can help us honour it and keep it safe.

  1. First of all, the noble spirit is a reality creator. Having the ability of response to destiny gives us the responsibility of this destiny, by definition. No hesitation, no doubt. Fear might be a messenger of wisdom, not a blockage.
  2. While others struggle for possession of money, the noble spirit treats money as a tool of exchange and counting. It’s a tool, not the goal. A tool to evaluate exchange.
  3. Surrendering and letting go are two different things. We let go of vanity, we don’t surrender to it.
  4. Nobles know the difference between wise judgement and biased judgement. In order to live with ourselves in peace and harmony, our judgement must be based on acknowledgement of truth.
  5. Nobles are not afraid of confronting the herd, mentality and individuals. So, if you find yourself in constant confrontation with the herd, know that it might be as a result of this trait. However, here we might need to learn how to hide our cards, to avoid trying to be suggestive, to overcome the need to educate and coach those who are not ready for it and those who didn’t explicitly ask for it.
  6. Noble spirits are not afraid of truth. On the contrary. We follow it intuitively and naturally. We don’t sell our truth for anything. However, we are aware of the environment and the love/hate relationship that it has with the truth. So, we develop the techniques not be led into self destruction by our truths.
  7. The natural tendency of the noble spirits is to put the interest of everyone above the personal interest. Here, we need to be careful when trying to work within a group that has a predatory interest against the noble. Survival is the ultimate goal of wise judgement.
  8. The noble spirit knows the difference between commitment and being overactive. If one would make too much effort, one might need to alter one’s conduct, to make it more precise and relevant, otherwise, the positive factor would be scapegoated and abused.
  9. For the nobles, unconditional love is the key. I talked about it a lot on my channel and in the podcast.

We need to grow the noble spirit in our society and in our personal lives. This is the key to leave the world of dependency and decay to rebirth and the golden age. Some might face difficulties under the ruins of the old system, but if you were one of those spirits, keep searching for answers and carry on acting on them. Change has already begun.