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The difference between political correctness and Hypocrisy 25 June 2019

Before joining the trend of tearing political correctness apart, let's check what it means and what the difference between political correctness and Hypocrisy is.

When speaking about politics, we speak about a polite manner of interaction in order to maintain functionality of the social system, without interpersonal abuse. The word “Politics” originates from “Politeness”. Solving problems and conflicts without needing to hurt each other physically or emotionally.

When we speak about political correctness, we mean "Being correct in a polite manner". Saying the things correctly, but politely. Speaking the truth but politely. Because truth is crucial for health of the system and politeness is crucial for social harmony.

Hypocrisy on the other hand, is not saying what is correct. It’s knowing/believing something while saying/acting on something else. This predatory trait is parasitic and destructive when working in a team for a defined objective.

Since many parasitic hypocrites have hijacked the political correctness and used its power for their narcissistic interests, we started associating it with hypocrisy and even voted for politicians for condemning political correctness, even when they don't really  know what it is and that it's needed for a cause higher than what they can see.

Political correctness as is a tool to use in constructive social interactions. When it becomes a liability, then we know that the system has been hijacked and that we need to restart our calculations.