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Soulquakes  Music Video  2019


Song: written and produced by Maria GoJa

Miniature Filmset: Maria GoJa

Music Video: written, directed and filmed by Shredy Jabarin

Produced by Maria GoJa and Shredy Jabarin

©2019 all rights reserved


The story of this music video is about a dysfunctional family led by a narcissistic mother, a golden child son and a golden child daughter, a codependent father and a survivor of narcissistic abuse. The theme of narcissism  and narcissistic abuse didn’t take much attention in the art scene, though it is very dominant in our society today. Speaking about Narcissists and narcissistic parents doesn’t take enough space in debates. The story is being performed by Puppets in a doll house with stop motion elements.



Its easy to take the same direction

Its easy to open the same door

Its easy to let things – fall again

On the same old carpet on the floor


Its easy to wear the same old jacket

That someone handed out to you

Its easy to use those shabby tools

Instead to look for something new


That's why, that's why, that's why we take the lie

The What’s the How’s the Whys turn everything


Its easy to let perceptions rule me

That lead nowhere but to themselves

Its easy to hold on to the path

familiar with no need to delve


Its easy to let the same old habits

Make us forget who we are for real

And nothing makes sense unless it tastes

Like every other common meal


That's why, that's why, that's why we take the lie

The Whats the Hows the Whys turn everything

So I need a little bit of something that cause me to try


How come we hold down the soulquakes,

that cause us to change and move on?

But they are meant to be disturbing

when they turn the whole world upside down!


Shaking up and quiver, Soulquakes

They cause all the change to move on

They will rearrange the pieces

Of your reality and mine


Its easy to let myself be lazy

Its easy to watch things passing by

But nothing can stop the micro motion

That tends to result in explosion



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