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performance and




Standing on stage requires many factors in addition to public speaking skills and charisma. The presentation might actually be the only thing that the audience see from the process, because the process starts long before. And the overlooked factors are actually dominant causes behind the efficiency of the performance.


This skill is growing continuously, but in order to allow this growth to happen without blockages and misconceptions, we also need to include and work on one or some of the following:


  • Writing
  • Directing and staging the presentation
  • Preparation on set before the performance (in case it's on stage or online live)
  • Filming (in case its on video)
  • Reaching out (In case the audience is still not defined)


The work might be short term oriented or long term:


Short term goals:

  • presentation
  • speech
  • pitch


Long term goals:

  • Overcoming Fear of Public
  • Presence and Focus
  • Voice Presence