intercultural communication


As a result of the political and demographic transformation, many of us may face personal, social or professional challenges while interacting with people from other cultures, religions, nationalities...

If we are genuinely looking for solutions and answers, we can't compromise the truth, we can't follow shiny façades, social clichés and general ideas and expect that our intercultural challenges and conflicts would be solved.

Finding solutions requires genuine will and unique abilities of vision that are based on direct access to the paradoxes of reality with all its complexities.


In addition to my theater and film studies, which gave me a special access to the world of art, psychodrama, communication between people, group dynamics, performance and story telling, I also come from a complex multicultural background.


Speaking five languages, English, Arabic, Hebrew, French and German, is not only giving me the ability to communicate verbally with people of different languages, but also being able to understand their mindset without third party's interpretations or judgement. This paradoxical reality gives me a unique status that allows me to connect and bridge between cultures, especially between the western and the eastern civilisations.


If you are facing personal or social challenges with intercultural dilemmas, personal, professional or social, I'll be glad to to help you with my knowledge, coaching and other services.


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