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I am Mr. Multiculturalism 31 May 2019

In the past years, the word Multiculturalism became a bad word. I take that personally and there are many people around the world just like me. We didn’t choose to be multicultural for wanting to feel "international" or "special", out of a need to appear cool or for political gain. We were born like that. I was born at the middle point between the west and the east. into a culture that spoke different languages (French, Hebrew and Arabic) as one language, where and when religion was merely a choice - Jaffa 1981.

Later I learned how to divide. In the beginning it was difficult to categorise and to divide. I did not understand the obsession about division, but gradually I could understand why people would use division as justification.

Though any reasonable person would say that, diversity and variety of intellectual and cultural input would be source of inspiration and wealth, but somehow, many communities living in one perspective reality without a will to genuinely empathise or to see a higher truth, trying to blacklist and target my kind.

For me empathy here is not about appearance and words, but also about action. Without action, it would not be the same, even when one calls oneself “the most liberal and open minded”. It’s more about action and commitment than about words and image.

However, this article is not about politics. It's about growth. It’s true that some entities try to underrate Multiculturalism, to portray it as pathetic and “unsexy”, but as Mr. Multiculturalism, I can say that being genuinely open to other perspectives and knowledge, that would give as unique access to ways of thinking and solutions beyond the familiar, in business, in relationships and in health…