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Film Production

Music Videos

Productions directed by Shredy Jabarin


The artistic direction is essential for any professional production. I am glad to be one of those who have the knowledge of the relevant artistic and technical fields, on screen and behind the camera, on stage and off stage. This allows me to achieve maximum results out of the attainable budget, both, directing the technical staff and the performers.



Each production has specific requirements.


It depends on:

  • You need my service only as a director
  • also a writer
  • other functions (for low budget productions)
  • It also depends on the size of the production
  • the crew involved
  • locations
  • transportation
  • equipments


Each choice is priced differently, but what I can guarantee, is making the maximum quality out of the attainable budget.


Productions directed (some also written and filmed) by me


Here are some of the productions I directed. Some of them are also written, produced and filmed by me. You can watch some of them by clicking on their links.


2022 Not My Drama - Maria GoJa - Music Video

2021 Fly me to the moon - Frank Sinatra (Cover by Maria GoJa) - Music Video

2021 Without you I can breathe - Maria GoJa - Music Video

2021 Angstfrei - Maria GoJa - Music Video

2021 Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd (Cover by Maria GoJa) - Music Video

2020 The Age of Mephisto - A short documentary

2020 Everybody Knows - Leonard Cohen (Cover by Maria GoJa) - Music Video

2020 O Fortuna, from the classical piece - Carmina Burana composed by Carl Orff (Cover by Maria GoJa) - Music Video

2019 Soulquakes - Music video

2014-2019 TheJayTube1 - Online Video Program

2019 The Story of Our Life - Audio Podcast

2018 Walls of Acre - Music video

2017 Behind The Sun - Music Video

2017 Between Worlds - Documentary

2016 Uncertainty - Music Video

2015 So what!? - Music Video

2015 The Children of Light - Short Film

2015 Disconnections - Short Film

2014 I Am That - Short Film

2012 Crying Dogs - Music Video

2012 MisFire - Theater Play