It's normal that many of us face difficulties handling and maintaining a high level of performance, in life, at work or in front of audience, on screen or off screen. Professional feedback and systemic direction would be necessary to navigate, reach one's destination and achieve objectives.

Professional performance approach allows us, not only to speak about performance in theory and concepts, but also to embody the knowledge with action. Not only to improvise with "intuition", but also to achieve objectives methodically. Therefore, knowing what we talk about also by application and emotional experience is essential.

We all are actors and performers, whether it's on stage or off stage. The quality of the performer is determined by the ability to observe and embody the action, and emotion, not only with psychological or theoretical terms.

Every person has his/her unique life experience that creates their unique character with its strengths and weaknesses. Together, we find one's own strengths and weaknesses and create the specific recipe that would be relevant the unique needs. That would allow us to perform more authentically and successfully.

All coaching themes below are available also on Skype.

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"Having experienced the front end the deliberating effects for several years of a dysfunctional working environment that had created a significant amount of inner and outer conflict in me, Shredy took me through the steps to address this.

Working with Shredy over several sessions I began to see the forces, energy and interplay of people within the working environment and how this complexity of interactions could be acted out in the word of motion.

This was a fascinating discovery for me and for the first time in my life i could see physical manifestation unfolding during the performance class. Shredy did not give up on me when the learning became challenging.

My awareness & perception was sharpened having completed these sessions and helped me to formulate life coping strategies for the future, Shredy also taught me the power of clear communication and the impact this meant on others to bring clear coded consistent communication. The skills that Shredy have taught me have helped me immensely in developing my career to new heights." J. White, United Kingdom, Team Manager

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Online Coaching

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Personal Coaching

  • 75€ per hour for the participants of the online courses, relevant to the theme of the course and valid for one year from the day of participation
  • 150€ per hour for a personal coaching session (Short term objectives)


Corporate Rate and Self Organised Groups

  • 350€  per hour


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