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Achievement and action are the indication to the essence, not talking about it or writing about it, but acting and achieving. Success here requires genuine and uncompromising expertise, vision, direction, knowledge, creativity and skill. Everyone can talk, but only an expert can achieve measurable success. Achievement is the indication.


Some might be repeating the same actions or following the same misleading guidance, without realising that this is part of the problem.


Some might feel that all they need is one piece of the puzzle in order to complete the picture, but do not see or know about the many other pieces that are also crucial. So, one would be unconsciously gambling, wishfully thinking and expecting success, without seeing desired outcome. Therefore one gets disappointed, again and again, until one loses hope. This can actually change, when following professional guidance.


Although the pieces of the puzzle might look separated, but at the end, they must connect into one big picture, in order to achieve the desired outcome and create that sense of completion and realisation.


The ability to see the big picture and connect all the pieces into one complete unit is a rare skill and a science that I studied and successfully applied by action and achievement for almost two decades.


In addition to building my artist career, I have succeeded in helping others build theirs and achieve their goals, not only with verbal guidance, but also with execution, action and achievement.


Even if you tried many things in the past, yet have not found what you are looking for, or if you have found yourself too confused by too many (conflicting) sources of inspiration, I invite you to give me a chance and I'll be glad to help you connect the dots, find the way and achieve the goal.


For some projects, this is available also online


Artistic Direction

Public Speaking & Representation

Group Dynamics



Personal Coaching

  • 75€ per hour, long term objective
  • 150€ per hour, short term objective


Corporate Rate and Self Organised Groups

  • 300€  per hour


Artistic Direction and Media Production

  • Prices can range between 1000€ and unlimited, depending on the project, budget, efforts, resources, locations...