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The difference between political correctness and Hypocrisy            25 June 2019

When speaking about politics, we speak about a polite manner of interaction in order to maintain functionality of the social system, without interpersonal abuse. The word “Politics”... Read more!

The Noble Spirit - Traits and Challenges 19 June 2019

When I speak about the noble spirit and nobility here, I don’t mean an inherited financial or social status, but traits of character and a code of conduct. In an age that encourages opportunism, this code became rare... Read more!

Ethos vs The Image of Sophistication 12 June 2019

Sometimes we meet people and look up to them preconditionally . We expect too much from them. Not because we know what they’re really made of , but only because of their image or an Ethos that they... Read more!

What we can learn from our history 7 June 2019

No, this article is not about geopolitical history. It’s not about Trump, rise of Neo-Nazism and national populism. It’s not about decline of the west, decay of the middle east or growth of China... Read more!

I am Mr. Multiculturalism 31 May 2019

In the past years, the word Multiculturalism became a bad word. I take that personally, because I didn’t choose it because I wanted to feel "international" or special, out of a need to appear cool or for political gain... Read more!

Trolls, bots and Viral Marketing 30 May 2019

I rarely comment on people's tweets. More rarely I comment under tweets of accounts or people that I don't know personally. However, a couple of days ago, i tried to do that, perhaps even for the first time. I didn't insult anyone. I just set a statement about... Read more!