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My art is about storytelling, performance and media production. Whether it is directing films, music videos, theater..., performing on screen and on stage or creating the artistic direction and story for projects that need this level of communication.


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Direction is essential to any professional production. I am lucky to be one of those who have the knowledge of the relevant artistic and technical fields on screen and behind the camera, on stage and off stage. This allows me to achieve maximum results out of the attainable budget, both directing the technical team and the performers.



There is no professional production that can afford overlooking writing. Writing is the base of any work. It even comes before directing. There are countless of writing methods and styles depending on the production, and my study of dramaturgy, acting and the practice of acting for more than 20 years, gives me a unique access to creating a cohesive vision...



My performance journey has given me unique access, not only to  professional storytelling mediums, but also to the inner world of the human interaction and group dynamics. Today I work less in the theatre and in films as an actor and I dedicate more time to writing and directing projects using the knowledge and practice of acting, but still open to project that honour my professional history.