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Today I work less in theatres and in films as an actor.


I am still open for acting projects that I believe in and that honour my professional ethos. However, in the moment I dedicate more time for writing and directing projects, using the knowledge of performance.


My acting and performance journey has granted me crucial tools, not only for professional storytelling mediums, but also for directing and writing, especially the emotional understanding of what it means to be a performer, on screen and on stage.


It has also granted me a unique access to the invisible world of the human interaction and group dynamics, what characters actually go through, relationships... not only theoretically and intellectually, but also emotionally, by practice and action.




2015-2023 Mainly working on directing projects.

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Here are some productions where I performed as an actor.


Film Productions

2014  Mars at Sunrise - Jessica Habie

2013  The Savior - Robert Savo

2013  Kiddon - Emanuel Nekach

2010  Miral - Julian Schnabel

2009  Mrs. Moskowitz&the Cats - George Gorevitz

2009  Carmel - Amos Guitai

2008  Body of Lies - Ridley Scott

2008  For my Father - Dror Zahavi

2006  The Bubble - Eythan Fox

2005  Avenge but One of My Eyes - Avi Mograbi

2005  Free Zone - Amos Guitai


Theatre Productions

2011-2012 The Day before the last Day - Schaubuehne, Berlin, Germany

2010-2012 Death and the Maiden - Al Midan Theatre, Haifa, Israel

2009-2010 The Wars of Sons of Light - Avignon's Festival, France

and the Odeon Theatre, Paris, France

2008-2010 The second End of Europe - The Nowy Theatre, Poznan, Poland

2008-2008 Gefen Baladi - The Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2006-2008 Plonter - The Cameri Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2005-2005 The Red Tent - The Simta Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2004-2004 Masked - The Arab Hebrew Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2004-2004 A winter in the Checkpoint - The Arab Hebrew Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel

2003-2004 Forced Landing - The Arab Hebrew Theatre, Tel Aviv, Israel


TV Productions

2013  The Jerusalem Syndrome - Dror Zahavi, ARD

2012  Munich 72 - Dror Zahavi, ZDF

2010-2011  Taxi Driver - Eythan Haner, Ethan Zur

2010  Arabs Labor - Shay Capon

2009  Naked Truth - Uri Barabash

2008-2008 Good Intensions -  Uri Barabash