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Shredy Jabarin



I started as an actor and a performer in theaters and in films. Later wrote and directed theater, video productions and taught acting and performance.


Today I write and direct music videos, media production and online content.


I also  guide aspiring artists to navigate their way in this complicated industry.


I studied Acting, Story Telling and Psychodrama in the Faculty of Art - the Theatre and Cinema Departments at Tel-Aviv University, 2001-2004.



  • Nominated to the Israeli Film Academy Award for the best actor in the main role category “For my father”, 2008.
  • Nominated to the Theatre Academy award representing the Cameri theater of Tel Aviv, 2008.


The services on this website are made for:

  1. clients who wish to have professional help creating their projects successfully - films, music videos, image videos, theater and other mediums
  2. students who wish to learn and expand their knowledge, whether in the field of performance, storytelling and media production or artists who wish to have guidance navigating their way in this industry.
  3. clients who wish to work on their performance and presentation.

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