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Online Courses are a great tool to work alone in your free time, for a long period of time and for low costs.

After experimenting with the online courses, we'd have more orientation towards what we need, what is relevant and how to move on.


The wisdom of E-Motion

Online Course by Shredy Jabarin


What can we learn from the world of action, improvisation and psychodrama about growing our emotional intelligence, building our characters and designing our relationships?

Most of our interaction is subconscious. Those who are able to read the emotional map and to interact with it proportionately can grow their emotional wealth as a life resource and protect it from waste and from narcissistic attacks.

  • The wisdom in using and channelling our emotional wealth is crucial for maintaining balanced relationships and emotional health.
  • For those who lack emotional wealth this would be the tool to enrich their emotional experiences and to be emotionally independent from others’ emotional supply.
  • For those who are emotionally wealthy, this tool might be the hope and the technique to protect themselves from emotional abuse and emotional challenges in the personal, social and professional relationships.


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