Disconnections - Short Film


is a film about our lifestyle in the new western world. Young people who long for connection, but don’t succeed to create it. So they try to reach it through virtual techniques, the thing that creates more loneliness and more disconnection. This thing leads the three characters to create a world where people can’t make their way to success unless they connect to the “right” people. So they live their lives only looking for “connections”, while the people who are supposed to be the right connections became “right” in the first place, because they were a family member or a friend of another “right” connection. That’s why, they are actually empty of content, but they have to keep pretending to be qualified and competent, basically because of Ego motives.



Anna Isabella Lazarescu, Federica Marchese, Maria GoJa, Alberto de la Cruz, Vie Moser


Music by

Maria GoJa


Written, Directed and Produced by

© Shredy Jabarin

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