Artist Coaching


Artist's life requires knowledge and skills in many fields, the artistic fields, the professional and administrative procedures, the social challenges that pop up as a result of this lifestyle, that may lead to health, financial and psychological disturbances.


If you find yourself in a spiral of confusion as a result of living this lifestyle and/or as a result of unprofessional/semi-professional guidance, contact me and I'll be glad to help you with that.


There's a solution. With the relevant guidance and direction, you can overcome your challenges and fulfil your dream and satisfaction.


  • Career Planing & Execution
  • Artistic Direction
  • Guidance & Orientation
  • Solving Challenges
  • Promotion and Public Relation


Castings, Auditions & Preparation


To many actors, castings and auditions are a puzzle that is difficult to solve. For me it's only a technical issue that can be simplified and technically solved.


As an actor who studied the technique, passed tens of auditions and played in tens of film and theater productions, as a director who created theater, films and made auditions for actors, I'm glad to have the relevant knowledge and experience that gives me the ability to help many actors to pass auditions for films, TV, theater, for acting schools, and guide them through their professional careers.


Auditions & Preparation for:

  • Films
  • Theater
  • Acting Schools



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