Artist Coaching and Artistic Direction


Artist's life requires knowledge and skills in many fields,  artistic fields, professional and administrative procedures. We might face social challenges that pop up as a result of this lifestyle, that may lead to health, financial and psychological disturbances.


If you find yourself in a spiral of confusion as a result of living this lifestyle and/or as a result of unprofessional/semi-professional guidance, contact me and I'll be glad to help you with that.


There's a solution. With the relevant guidance and direction, you can overcome your challenges and fulfil your dream and satisfaction.


  • Career Planing & Execution
  • Artistic Direction
  • Guidance & Orientation
  • Solving Challenges
  • Promotion and Public Relation


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"I would probably not be where I am now if I hadn't found the acting coaching of Shredy Jabarin and made it through all the process of the classes.

I probably wouldn't even had made the audition for my acting school.

I was really impressed how professional it all was. And yes it was full of challenges ,but Shredy supported us in our development and always explained everything  really clearly ,making sure everybody understood.

He made me believe again in my dream and in myself. Shredy supported me a lot,believed in me and told me I could make it.

Shredy really teaches the roots and technique of Acting and not inventing or copying something. And this is helping me a lot.

I probably could write more pages."

Vie Moser.



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